Monday, January 2, 2012

Knitting: Goals for 2012?

So I thought I had been posting a goal post these past few years and it was fairly loose. So this year, I guess I'll be more concrete.

1. Finish more things.
2. Year of the Blanket - I have 3 afghans in progress AIPS - Can I get one or all done in 2012
3. Make more socks
4. Make another Dipped Infinity Scarf, hopefully 2.
5. Also have a CPH, FLS and a tank I'd like to have finished some time.

My other non-knitting goals are to write more and to take more photos. And GO ON VACATION!

Knitting: Damn the bees!

So in the effort to blog more, here we go... The new term for the House Cup started on the first. My first TURN IN project was a WIP for detention, for which I was awarded a nice badge.

SO with the detention taken care of, it was time to concentrated on classes. For Arithmancy, there were two great options, a tesselations pattern or something with bees. Since there is a BW pattern in the LTK afghan book called Bumblebee pattern, I thought this was a no brainer. However, as with some things, this has proven to be quite difficult. Now the pattern isn't hard really, however, in my 2nd repeat, something kept going awry, so I keep knitting and ripping the damn thing out. So the bees have proven to be a little frustrating and I should be finished with this square already, but alas, not really.

In other news, met up with a few of the GK2 gals today as we were all off for the New Year holiday. Because the bees were a problem, I worked on the blankie. I finished three more squares. It's looking pretty good so far. LOVE this project. I also decided if I could knit one square per day, that would be 352 squares finished in a year. However after doing the calculations, I need 600+ squares for the size I need. I have 106 completed, so I need roughly 542 more squares. If I did 2 per day, I could be done-ish in 9 months, not including doing the side edge triangles. So lots of work to go on the blankie. Definitely a WIP!

I think I might also try and break out the old BLOCK of the month afghan that I had been working on through temptations. I think I have 6 of those blocks done which would mean I need to complete 6 more to make the basic afghan, but my original plan was to make it larger, but I don't know if that will happen. We'll see. Right now, I'm trying to make as many of the BW afghan block as possible. So maybe this will be the year of the blanket.

I am sort of getting in the mood to make sock again, too. There is a new Cookie A pattern I want to make called Dragon Crystal. There is also a SKA mystery sock and an HK Sock Kal, too. SO much to do!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Knitting: nearly a year. Let's recap

So the last time I blogged was January 23rd. Sheesh! I thought about it often, but never came out and did anything about that. Here's what I remember about the year. I joined the hpkchc and was placed in Slytherin. This choice allowed me to finish several knitted items. My fave probably being the absorba bath rug. Still love that thing and it gets used daily.

I made a bunch of hats this year, a few socks, baby hatsssss, baby sweaters. And I even did a weaving project and a tiny bit of spinning. I also worked on a couple of shawls that were gifted. All in all I think there were 26 projects actually completed! I think that's kind of amazing.

So the plan for 2012 will be to blog more. I'd like to have more to say for a year in review! Also take more pictures, of everything! And maybe start painting again.

For knitting te plan is the Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afgan. Yes I know how to knit but have yet to complete a damn blanket, so here we go 63 squares means at the very minimum one per week. I have 2 1/2 done already so I'm off to a good start. I really need to finish my sweater sleeves and tank too so I'll add those to the list as well as another dipped infinity. I should do some socks too. And since I joined a shawl pattern club, 2, actually, probably some if those are in my future.

This year was full of ups and downs, but I made it through. Here's hoping 2012 is better for me. Holy crap I'll be turning 40 too. That's just weird.